Yes. So I felt a little wild today. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. I didn't feel like doing anything to my hair...so I didn't. HA! How do you like that? But what I did do was put on the UUUUUUBER cute dress that I got from (come on, you say it. you know where I got it....don't act like you don't know!) Faith 21! In a previous post I tried this specific piece on. And even though it kind of emphasized my "H" cup boobs, I still liked it. Yes honey, "H" cup. I know what its like to have difficulty buying clothes so ladies; you have NO EXCUSE. If you notice, I don't wear much. In the summer at least. Never feel that you have to. Especially full figured girls, I was the QUEEN of the "overcoat" or "light jacket". STOP THAT. Show your arms, they arent as bad as you think they are. Trust me. Remember...you've got to wear confidence too! So throw in your bag, spray it on, wear it on your head; whatever! Whatever it is; you better love it!

Dress:Faith21/ Shoes: Payless/ Hair: PRICELESS! ha!

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