Faith 21 Dress Hunting...

This is where it all began! Faith 21 by Forever 21 gave me a chance to feel cute and I haven't turned back since. This is one of my favourite places to shop and it never fails me. If you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) like I do, the only location is in Fairview Mall Scarborough. Trust me, its worth the drive. I know what its like as a bigger girl feeling like you're going to have to spend over a hundred dollars for two pieces! Cast your worries aside! Faith 21 is affordable honey! Click the Faith21 link on the left under "Shop it."...go see what they've got!

These are the cuffed jeans that everyone is dying over now. They are really cute, I cant even lie. I didn't buy them for myself because I already have two pairs, but I wanted to show the ladies who've been iffy about them that they are very wearable. They really do look nice on even if you do have thick thighs. Look at me, these were a size 18. They'd be killer with a nice pair of heels though. Don't be like me. If you know you're going shopping; throw a pair of heels in your bag! It puts EVERYTHING into perspective.

 I really liked this dress. It was really sexy and you can never and I mean NEVER go wrong with black and white. But for some odd reason, I really couldn't see myself wearing it anytime soon. And the thing with me is that, I may love clothes...but I have bills to pay. I'm all about narrowing it down...and this piece was narrowed OUT.

Go on ahead! Laugh as much as you'd like. I know; I said it too! "I look like a freaking GRANNY in this dress." (No offence to grannies) But would you believe that I still bought it? WHY? I bought it because I saw potential in it. I actually have a 60th Birthday function to go to and in my pretty little head...IT ALL MADE SENSE. And I'll prove it to you with the photos on a later post! You're gonna wish you hadn't said anything!

By FAR, my favourite. If you know me; you'll know that I absolutely love dresses. A couple years ago, you couldn't catch me anywhere near one. Had to do with me being "too fat", "too rolly" or my knees were the equivalents to two over sized pork chops. You name it --I said it. And the summers grew hotter...and all the other girls skirts got shorter and I said "To hell with that! Ima find me a dress!" (haha) Haven't turned back since and I don't ever want to. (PS. I bought this one!)


  1. Amazing blog keep up the good work...Im going to make my 11 year old daughter come and check you out...confidence and class is key!! Love what youre doing here...DONT STOP!

  2. aww thats great to hear! let her come and check it out! Ive been wanting my 11 year old (5'9 and size 12!) little sister to take some photos. because of this I'll put some photos of her up so that your daughter has a little more to relate to! Just in time for back to school.

    Thanks for the Support!