Buffalo with the GIRLIES!

I don't care who you are, where you're from (this could definitely turn into a Backstreet Boys moment), you have to have the one or even two girl friends that you love being around. If you have more than two; KUDOS to you! And I know there are some of you who claim that you "hate girls" and you only chill with guys because "girls are drama". Nothing against you, but the truth of the matter is; there are genuine women out there that are GREAT friends. And GREAT friends make GREAT shopping buddies...more times than none. I have a good amount of good girlfriends, but this weekend was a weekend dedicated to just two of them. There's nothing wrong with teaming up and preparing a trip for you and your girls. We decided to go across the border for a night or two not only for bonding, BUT for SHOPPING! So, although I haven't taken many photos as yet, I did take some photos of me preparing to leave! Let me know what you think. I felt a bit edgy!

Acid Washed Vest: Faith21/ Lace trimmed Leggings: Giant Tiger/ Floral Waist Scarf: Thrift/ PHOTO SHOES(haha): Torrid

This outfit was great for the long drive. Well, two hours isn't really that long, but for those driving further...this is perfect. I had jeans on before this and I figured I'd change into something a little more free. So, leggings it was. And I know what most of you are thinking..."Free? This girl is travelling in four inch heels!". For those of you who just said that, HELL NO I wasn't travelling in heels. I threw them on for YOU so you could feel the full look of it. Have a little more faith in me. jeeeshhh.

My little sister! My little photographer. Dahlia Ruddock.

I've got a lot of questions from you all about this bun! I've got to give credit to Ms. Kristyn Halliday-Deans for teaching me how to do this. I will explain on a later post ladies! I've grown this new obsession with it! Plus, sometimes you just wanna wear your own hair. What do you think? I'm pretty sure my mother hates it. hahaha!

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