Back from "The BUFF"...

Whenever I go to Buffalo, NY, I go with the intentions of getting great deals on everything that I want but WILL NOT get because of pricing down here. So this time when I went with my lovely parents, I was determined to find my dream hat and dress. I did find the dress, thank God. And I did find the hat, BUT a tad bit too small. I ended up buying the dress which I will show you but I didn't get the hat of my dreams because my head is way too large. If you didn't know, I have a rather humongous head and hats have to be an XL or XXL to fit. PLUS, I love big hair so I have to buy a hat that is going to fit over that weave! Below are just a few things that I tried on. Nothing much...this was just not my day. Clearly. BUT I'm sure you guys are gonna love the Ed Hardy shoes I tried on!

Can't you just imagine how HOT it would be if it was just a litttlllleee bit bigger?!
For those of you with the small heads...go ahead...click on the Forever21 link on the left side of the screen. 
(Rolling eyes)

Here I am MAKING that DAMN HAT FIT!! 
(nails are cute though, huh?...I know lol)

These bad boys were is DSW shoe store in the Galleria Mall. Ed Hardy...and GORGEOUS! I'm not the "flashy shoe" type but when I tell you these look good on...THEY LOOK GOOD ON!
(AND they were size 10! For those who don't know my shoe size.)

I know what you're thinking. Why isn't she wearing it? Wellll, I want to keep you in suspense. Simple; you gotta come back to see how it looks on. HINT: If it wasn't amazing when I tried it; I would have never bought it! This is my dream dress. I have been hunting it down for a while now and I have finally got my hands on it! Amen to that!
(Dream Dress: Where else but Faith21, baby!)


  1. loving the shoes sash. Im so proud of you. do ur thing and i am here to support you. much love girl


  2. Wow Sasha u look very sexy in your pics and those shoes are very sexy aswell but not as sexy as your feet look in em. Hit me up if i can take them out and give them the best pleasure the'll ever get a nice foot massage and even suck on your toes.. I'm sure u wouldnt regret it.. stay sexy beautiful