Mini for the Canadian sun!

So...one of the biggest mistakes people make about Canada is that its cold all the time and that we live in iglues. Not true at all. There are places in Canada where people do live in iglues but most people don't. Most of us live in these cube shaped structures that usually have a pyramid type of shape at the very top...sound familiar? Yeah; that's because its a house. (haha) Well, today is 33 degrees outside which means it's REALLY FREAKING HOT! So even though I was dying to stay inside with the air conditioning...I thought I'd show off one of my FAVOURITE skirts! Let me know what you think!

Jacket: Faith21/ Undershirt: Wal-Mart/ Skirt: Faith21/ Shoes: Payless/ Side handbag: H&M/ Glasses: Stitches Warehouse Outlet($2.00!)

Just some close ups on the materials and the denim jacket that everyone seems to love...

Lately I've been showing off my legs. My whole life I was afraid to do exactly that. Summer would come around and I'd still be wearing jeans because I didnt think my legs were nice enough to show. I've now realized that even if you dont have the BEST legs...a pair of heels can do wonders by elongating them and giving them shape. You have to wear confidence too. If I didnt believe I looked hot today...no one else would have either!

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