I've never been pregnant before but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it may be a tad bit hard to be as fashion forward as you can be while carrying a child. I also know that the runway doesn't make it any easier for pregnant ladies to get in touch with their "couture" side. So, although this post does not have anyone that I personally know in it, it's still made to help ladies who are looking to be more than just cute while preggo! This post is dedicated to Danielle as she has always been very in tune with her fashionable side until...leggings and baby-doll dresses were a must. Enough of that and congratulations to ALL THE LADIES EXPECTING! Remember, it's a Blessing!

Above: This right here is a bit unrealistic. Although the runway is an amazing thing, this is not meant for your everyday girl. By all means, if this is your style regularly; GO FOR IT! But if its not you, we'll know.

Above: (Left) I wouldn't recommend the over sized dress for pregnant girls. Just like how the over sized dress doesn't go too well with heavy chested girls, it doesn't go too well with pregnant girls all too well either. The oversized dress is supposed to look over sized and not draped around. You just end up looking bigger than you are. (Right) There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. I actually love it, but the problem is that this is all pregnant women feel they can wear. "the baby doll dress". Thats not always the case. Below is my Preggo Choice.

Above: If you can find this Aladdin/Hammer Pant/Romper/Jumper; you're set. I've seen them all over; mainly for the skinnier girls in places like Costa Blanca, Sirens, LeChateau etc. For the bigger girls, travelling across the border is your best bet. Places like, Burlington Coat Factory, Torrid and Dots are great for these. Also, the boyfriend jacket is perfect for ladies who are pregnant. Pairing a very fitted dress with a boyfriend jacket over it is a great idea. Don't run away from emphasizing your stomach. Chances are, WE ALL KNOW YOUR PREGNANT. You don't have to mask your pregnancy, its a beautiful thing.


Oh, the Red Dress. FINALLY!

Alright! Let's get back to the basics. Remember that red dress that I layed out on the bed in an earlier post? Well, here it is. So many people were saying; "why didn't you wear it? we wanna see it on!" I just wanted to give you the best out of a really tiny and simple dress. So after being in my closet for quite some time, I finally wore it to Wear it Loud, a fashion event held Downtown. I paired it with a very cute cream head piece. (the funeral inspired sectional hat with mesh covering the eye...you know what Im talking about!) It didn't turn out that badly. It was my way of welcoming Fall. My favourite fashion season. This post is strictly for the girls who have no problem with wearing that really REALLY short dress. Also for the ones who know that just because its short, that doesn't make it trashy. You can be the classiest you can be in a short dress. Its all about how you wear it! Details below.

Cream Head Piece: Forever 21 Accessories

One thing that I admire about this dress is that it has that mini skirt-like trim around the waist. Im sure that I should know the correct term for that, but hey, it's a learning process peoples! Ha! Let me be. Moving along...that material around the waist is perfect for creating a smaller mid-section. In other words: ROLLS BE GONE!

Red Dress: Faith21/ Red Sling Back Heals: Nine West

                 excuse the bag and piano stand..      


FLAWS OF COUTURE...Ya'll Ain't Even Ready!

FLAWS OF COUTURE! We're here, we're happening and we're HERE TO STAY. For all of you who've been following me on Twitter or have me on Facebook, you know that my cousin and I have been working day and night to develop our online magazine/blog and dress line by the name of Flaws of Couture. Well, it's crunch time and a LOT has been going on. I want to apologize to all of you have been noticing my minimal posts. Trust me, you will be seeing much more very soon. You all know that after I became confident in myself I fell in love with dresses. Get me a hot dress...SOLD! So, I decided that I would start designing dresses that are made for girls of fuller sizes. I'm not talking just to plus size women. Not just size 14 and up. I'm talking to girls that have curves and find it harder to fit into clothes that the average girl would have no problem with. I want you to look your best! When I was a size 10, I didn't think I was plus size, but I knew I had more hips and breast than others. Therefor it was harder for me to look flawless and that hot dress! Those days are over ladies. Our Fashion blog/magazine will be launched no later than the first of October 2010! And the dresses...God's willing this December just in time for Christmas! Amen to that. God is allowing me to do all of this. Bellow are some of my beautiful models who you will see on the site and our business card! Stick with us for updates!

NOTE: CONGRATULATIONS to GABI from Young Fat and Fabulous! She is officially the new Twitter Jockey (TJ) for MTV. Signed to a $100,000 contract! Well deserved. Kudos to you my friend. Check her out at: www.youngfatandfabulous.com



Hat Obsession. Huge Head.

I have an obsession with Pork Pie hats. But, plain and simple...my head is huge and I can never find one that will fit. If I'm lucky, I'll find one that fits exactly onto my head but that's no good when you've got a full head of curly weave under it! I have to think about my head AND my hair. Thats the problem. So when I went into Mens United, downtown Buffalo, I was told that the biggest size wouldn't fit me and that I should get my hat CUSTOM MADE! Now, I dont know if you know anything about these hats, but they are EXPENSIVE! They can range from about fifty bucks to one-fifty a piece! So Imagine custom making that thing! I'll let you know how it all works out in the near future. Here's a photo of a more affordable one from Forever21. You can wear this so many ways, you just have to be very inventive! This hat isn't for anyone though, you've gotta be wearing that confidence as well!

These shoes are from Rainbow. Five inch heels, royal blue, frill from the front to back AND open toe! Let me tell you, the minute I saw these on Kyra...they were already bought! Like I said ladies, if you CAN walk in heels...WEAR THEM! They make almost any outfit look outstanding. D-F Joke: When we got back to Canada, Kyra went to try on her new royal blue heels...only to find out she had two left feet.

My friend, Kyra, forced me to try on this ring. I love two fingered rings (NOT AS MUCH AS HER), but I felt this one was a bit much. Nevertheless, she made me buy it and now...I kinda love it. Its a piece that has to be worn alone. No other rings or bulky bangles. Just all by itself. If you come across these two finger rings; give 'em a try. They aren't that bad. By the way, all three of us ended up getting the exact same one.

Two Finger Ring: DOTS


My BEAUTIFUL friend and Ginny pig, Kyra wasn't completely up to being my mannequin this weekend, but amazingly enough she later accepted! Here are just some photos of the clothing that I tried to get her to not only try on, but buy! Kyra's style is strictly T-shirt and Jeans. She's a tomboy at heart and this weekend in Buffalo made me dedicated to finding her a sense of "woman" through clothing. So, we pulled out rompers! Something that you all know that I love. It was hard to get her into it, but after a while she got the hang of it. It was almost like a mini "what not to wear" session. Other than rompers, we tried getting her into some dresses. Now her problem is that she feels she won't wear the clothes because she has nowhere to wear them to. Well, I've heard this time and time again from you ladies! And this is what I say to you now:
Buy that dress regardless of the fact that you don't know where you'll wear it! And when you buy it; FIND SOMEWHERE TO GO! Work and home is not all life is made to be. Therefor, T-shirts and Jeans aren't  what life is made to be either! Put on that dress; throw on those heels; call your girls up and

Both dresses are from Burlington Coat Factory. My favourite is the black one simply because it gives her a really sleek and sexy look. Unfortunately, she didn't feel the same way about it. She was uncomfortable in it and thats enough reason to leave an item behind. MAKE SURE YOUR COMFORTABLE! As for the jean dress, it was really nice. Strapless dresses are great for curvy women believe it or not. Especially women with  heavier chests. As long as they are worn right, that is. The jean dress was from Burlington as well and Dollhouse branded.

The first dress was my pick from Faith21. Such a nice fit. It shows how nicely shaped she is without making her look sleezy or revealed. (Right) This dress was Kyra's from home. I think she did pretty well. This dress is from H&M. At first it looked a bit depressing, but as soon as she threw those purple heals on...New life sprung!

These two were the "not so flattering" picks. As much as Kyra loved the romper on the left; it wans't doing a darn thing for her. Nothing at all. She actually resembled a potato sack in that. A way better version of the jean romper is below. You'll see the difference. The dress on the right was just blank. I'm sure you can see that. It was literally just borrowing her body as a canvas.

 Much better.
(Left) Floral Romper: Burlington Coat  Factory/ (Right) Jean Romper: Burlington Coat Factory

This was a perfect example of how NOT to wear a strapless dress when you have a larger chest. As cute as this dress may look on others; it is NOT for the heavy-chested. No if's and's or but's. The green one isn't nearly as bad as the white one, but they both do damage to my figure and shape. The whole look is a mess. Like I said earlier, strapless dresses can be a heavy chest's best friend. This is not what I was referring to. Next time you go to the store and see this dress and you have huge boobs; GO THE OTHER DIRECTION!

Dresses: Rainbow