I've never been pregnant before but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it may be a tad bit hard to be as fashion forward as you can be while carrying a child. I also know that the runway doesn't make it any easier for pregnant ladies to get in touch with their "couture" side. So, although this post does not have anyone that I personally know in it, it's still made to help ladies who are looking to be more than just cute while preggo! This post is dedicated to Danielle as she has always been very in tune with her fashionable side until...leggings and baby-doll dresses were a must. Enough of that and congratulations to ALL THE LADIES EXPECTING! Remember, it's a Blessing!

Above: This right here is a bit unrealistic. Although the runway is an amazing thing, this is not meant for your everyday girl. By all means, if this is your style regularly; GO FOR IT! But if its not you, we'll know.

Above: (Left) I wouldn't recommend the over sized dress for pregnant girls. Just like how the over sized dress doesn't go too well with heavy chested girls, it doesn't go too well with pregnant girls all too well either. The oversized dress is supposed to look over sized and not draped around. You just end up looking bigger than you are. (Right) There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. I actually love it, but the problem is that this is all pregnant women feel they can wear. "the baby doll dress". Thats not always the case. Below is my Preggo Choice.

Above: If you can find this Aladdin/Hammer Pant/Romper/Jumper; you're set. I've seen them all over; mainly for the skinnier girls in places like Costa Blanca, Sirens, LeChateau etc. For the bigger girls, travelling across the border is your best bet. Places like, Burlington Coat Factory, Torrid and Dots are great for these. Also, the boyfriend jacket is perfect for ladies who are pregnant. Pairing a very fitted dress with a boyfriend jacket over it is a great idea. Don't run away from emphasizing your stomach. Chances are, WE ALL KNOW YOUR PREGNANT. You don't have to mask your pregnancy, its a beautiful thing.

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