Oh, the Red Dress. FINALLY!

Alright! Let's get back to the basics. Remember that red dress that I layed out on the bed in an earlier post? Well, here it is. So many people were saying; "why didn't you wear it? we wanna see it on!" I just wanted to give you the best out of a really tiny and simple dress. So after being in my closet for quite some time, I finally wore it to Wear it Loud, a fashion event held Downtown. I paired it with a very cute cream head piece. (the funeral inspired sectional hat with mesh covering the eye...you know what Im talking about!) It didn't turn out that badly. It was my way of welcoming Fall. My favourite fashion season. This post is strictly for the girls who have no problem with wearing that really REALLY short dress. Also for the ones who know that just because its short, that doesn't make it trashy. You can be the classiest you can be in a short dress. Its all about how you wear it! Details below.

Cream Head Piece: Forever 21 Accessories

One thing that I admire about this dress is that it has that mini skirt-like trim around the waist. Im sure that I should know the correct term for that, but hey, it's a learning process peoples! Ha! Let me be. Moving along...that material around the waist is perfect for creating a smaller mid-section. In other words: ROLLS BE GONE!

Red Dress: Faith21/ Red Sling Back Heals: Nine West

                 excuse the bag and piano stand..      


  1. such a gorgeously flattering outfit on you!

  2. I LOVE this dress...you look so beautiful!!!!