Hat Obsession. Huge Head.

I have an obsession with Pork Pie hats. But, plain and simple...my head is huge and I can never find one that will fit. If I'm lucky, I'll find one that fits exactly onto my head but that's no good when you've got a full head of curly weave under it! I have to think about my head AND my hair. Thats the problem. So when I went into Mens United, downtown Buffalo, I was told that the biggest size wouldn't fit me and that I should get my hat CUSTOM MADE! Now, I dont know if you know anything about these hats, but they are EXPENSIVE! They can range from about fifty bucks to one-fifty a piece! So Imagine custom making that thing! I'll let you know how it all works out in the near future. Here's a photo of a more affordable one from Forever21. You can wear this so many ways, you just have to be very inventive! This hat isn't for anyone though, you've gotta be wearing that confidence as well!

These shoes are from Rainbow. Five inch heels, royal blue, frill from the front to back AND open toe! Let me tell you, the minute I saw these on Kyra...they were already bought! Like I said ladies, if you CAN walk in heels...WEAR THEM! They make almost any outfit look outstanding. D-F Joke: When we got back to Canada, Kyra went to try on her new royal blue heels...only to find out she had two left feet.

My friend, Kyra, forced me to try on this ring. I love two fingered rings (NOT AS MUCH AS HER), but I felt this one was a bit much. Nevertheless, she made me buy it and now...I kinda love it. Its a piece that has to be worn alone. No other rings or bulky bangles. Just all by itself. If you come across these two finger rings; give 'em a try. They aren't that bad. By the way, all three of us ended up getting the exact same one.

Two Finger Ring: DOTS

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