Hey guys! Well, we're into Fall and approaching Winter. Get used to it people, thats the way Canada rolls! But underneath the mittens, scarves and ear-muffs; there's absolute nothing wrong with a little bit of jewelery. Like I always say; us women tend to get caught up in this "Winter = Dark colours and business" thing. That doesn't have to be true. Don't get me wrong, I lovvvee me some dark fall colours, but its not mandatory! But if you must, why not throw in some colour under those ear-muffs! Below are some earrings from Shawna Vintage Jewelery. This is where I get most of my one of a kind jewelery. I love VINTAGE! And if you do too, Shawna is the woman for you! If you'd like info and contacts to get to her...email me at flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com! Accessorize ladies!

This photo above shows earrings from Forever21!


Flaws of Couture. Officially a Registered Business!

I thought I'd show you why I've been slacking a bit with the posts. Here are some photos of the girls behind the scenes at our Flaws of Couture photo shoot with Jalani Morgan.  A thank you goes out to everyone involved. Special thanks to Jorian for taking these behind the scenes photos. Despite the set backs, screw-overs and delays, we had an AMAZING outcome. 
Excuse my frumpiness in these photos. Clearly, it wasn't about me.
And, YES! By law, we are the owners of Flaws of Couture officially!

On the RIGHT is my beautiful partner of FOC; Garcia Lewin. With Model, Chantelle.

Flaws of Couture's website is on its way up! Lots of work is being put into making the best Blog site, you've ever come across! Our aim is to make it "home" for you. We'll keep you posted!
Thanks for the support!


Studded Out & Acid Washed.

Well. If you excuse my Amy Whinehouse approach, you'd notice that I've got on my favourite leather Jacket. On my way to Praise and Worship practice, I had YOU in mind. This outfit is something you'll probably catch me in on a day-to-day basis. Very simple outfit, with really detailed pieces. For example, the acid wash jeans that you all LOVE and a regular top under that jacket with the burst of yellow. And like I said before, Fall has arrived which mean BIG BAGS have made their comeback.  This post shows that you don't have to go over the top all of the time. Yeah, sometimes you need to dare yourself to step out of the box, but if you're the cool, calm and collected type- YOU CAN LOOK AWESOME TOO.

Black Leather Jacket: RocaWear from Burlington Coat Factory

Yellow Undershirt: Torrid

Acid Wash Jeans: Rainbow

Flower Layered Flats: Pay Less

Beautiful Big Red Handbag: New York City, Canal Street (I know you hate me.)
Don't forget your number one Priceless Item ladies!
Love ya.-Sash


Stylesense and White Eye-Liner. Random...I know.

So, let's just get straight to the point. I discovered Stylesense today and I'm going to pass out. I've heard of it so many times; and call me a "wannabe fashionista", but I've NEVER been there before. So today, it took me to go all the way to Oakville on a trip to Sheridan College to stumble across this master piece of a store. Inside the Oakville Mall, there's a huge Stylesense downstairs. To be honest, the mall was nowhere near all that, but the minute I went into Stylesense, my life changed. I am NOT the same person. So, although I couldn't really take many pics, I did manage to get some stuff to share with you guys. Stylesense is all about shoes and accessories. Everything from handbags to umbrellas. Scarves to hair products. And shoes galore! Before I continue showing you todays great finds and tips, I finally decided to try out this overly popular white eyeliner. Below are just some examples of how it looked. I think its kinda cool. I have no foundation on, so the complete look isn't there, but you get the point!

Like Tyra Banks says, this white liner is supposed to open up your eyes. Make you look wide awake when really; you're not! And boy was she right about that. It totally makes my eyes look way bigger and brighter. 

Creepy...I know.

Okay so pashminas and scarves. Whatever you wanna call them! Either way, its fall and they are so in style. These are perfect for right now to keep you warm while spicing up your outfit. Go for bright colours and patterns like I've done here. During the colder months, we usually fall into the dark colour trap. I do it too! So if its a bit hard for you and your fall/winter clothes happen to be all black; no worries. Throw on one of these patterned or bright coloured pashminas and you've just added a burst of life to your outfit. 
Note: American Apparel has the tube scarves. It has no ends so its like a big donut. Those are really cool too. If you dont like American Apparels pricing, try H&M. They have great ones too for way cheaper.

There's not much I can say about these here. They look like bowling shoes to me. And I can see where the fashion world is going with these, but they definitely aren't for everybody. I'm not even sure if they're for me...
What do you think? They cream ones my fav. Thats if I had to choose.

And HERE THEY ARE! The shoes that made me almost pass out on the sales associate beside me. I first saw these beauties and Torrid's site (www.torrid.com). They were internet exclusives; meaning they could only be bought over the internet. Which is totally fine because we do it all the time. BUT! And I say BUT from the bottom of my heart. Here they are...in Canada, closer to home, in SIZE 10 and ohhhh sooo MINE!

I used to hate wedge heels until I came to grips that I couldn't walk in anything else. So, I made myself love them. Do you see the creative ridges that are on the heel?You cant tell me that not beautiful...

They are Dollhouse. I love me some Dollhouse shoes. I have so many of this brand. They never fail me.

Here is a different colour. I was being safe with the black but this colour is hot too!

 This black leather bag with patterned trimmings was beautiful. Fall is here, which means that bigger bags are back as well. With the boots and leather jacket comes the BIG BAG. Aren't you excited?!
Also, these two finger rings are priceless! Although this isn't technically mine, I think its so cute. From Claire's if you're interested.


Be the Maximum in your Maxi Dress.

Hello! I know what your'e saying already! "Where the heck has this girl been?" You all know that Flaws of Couture, my dress line/blog, has been taking up a lot of my time. Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts BUT I swear this is all for you! Flaws of Couture's site will be up and running by the very beginning of October. In the meantime, its been COLD! I don't know where you are living on this beautiful Earth of ours, but if you live it the Greater Toronto Area...the past few days have been chilling. Nothing we aren't used to, being Canadian and all. Well anyhow, the mini skirt had to be folded up and put away today. And out came the maxi dress that I didn't get a chance to wear much this summer.
(P.S. Go for patterns. Don't listen to all this foolishness about "finding the pattern for you". Big or small...JUST TRY IT ON! You won't know until you try.)

The Maxi Dress is perfect if you want to elongate yourself. I come from a very tall family and I'm the shortest one. Even shorter than my ten year old, 5'9 little sister. I stand at 5'7 and I can look really stumpy thanks to my "H" sized boobs. So, I like things that make me look longer than I am. This is the trick. 
(I just threw on a ruffled cardigan over it to complete the look and keep the cold away!)

Maxi Dress: Wal-Mart/ Grey Cardigan: Old Navy/ Orange Dereon Bag: Burlington Coat Factory

Maxi dresses are another way of being sexy. They leave mystery and bring elegance.

NOTE: The Next post will be on Fall Clothing! My favourite fashion season! Stay tuned. Thanks for checking in guys! Hope we're still wearing our priceless item...