Studded Out & Acid Washed.

Well. If you excuse my Amy Whinehouse approach, you'd notice that I've got on my favourite leather Jacket. On my way to Praise and Worship practice, I had YOU in mind. This outfit is something you'll probably catch me in on a day-to-day basis. Very simple outfit, with really detailed pieces. For example, the acid wash jeans that you all LOVE and a regular top under that jacket with the burst of yellow. And like I said before, Fall has arrived which mean BIG BAGS have made their comeback.  This post shows that you don't have to go over the top all of the time. Yeah, sometimes you need to dare yourself to step out of the box, but if you're the cool, calm and collected type- YOU CAN LOOK AWESOME TOO.

Black Leather Jacket: RocaWear from Burlington Coat Factory

Yellow Undershirt: Torrid

Acid Wash Jeans: Rainbow

Flower Layered Flats: Pay Less

Beautiful Big Red Handbag: New York City, Canal Street (I know you hate me.)
Don't forget your number one Priceless Item ladies!
Love ya.-Sash

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