Be the Maximum in your Maxi Dress.

Hello! I know what your'e saying already! "Where the heck has this girl been?" You all know that Flaws of Couture, my dress line/blog, has been taking up a lot of my time. Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts BUT I swear this is all for you! Flaws of Couture's site will be up and running by the very beginning of October. In the meantime, its been COLD! I don't know where you are living on this beautiful Earth of ours, but if you live it the Greater Toronto Area...the past few days have been chilling. Nothing we aren't used to, being Canadian and all. Well anyhow, the mini skirt had to be folded up and put away today. And out came the maxi dress that I didn't get a chance to wear much this summer.
(P.S. Go for patterns. Don't listen to all this foolishness about "finding the pattern for you". Big or small...JUST TRY IT ON! You won't know until you try.)

The Maxi Dress is perfect if you want to elongate yourself. I come from a very tall family and I'm the shortest one. Even shorter than my ten year old, 5'9 little sister. I stand at 5'7 and I can look really stumpy thanks to my "H" sized boobs. So, I like things that make me look longer than I am. This is the trick. 
(I just threw on a ruffled cardigan over it to complete the look and keep the cold away!)

Maxi Dress: Wal-Mart/ Grey Cardigan: Old Navy/ Orange Dereon Bag: Burlington Coat Factory

Maxi dresses are another way of being sexy. They leave mystery and bring elegance.

NOTE: The Next post will be on Fall Clothing! My favourite fashion season! Stay tuned. Thanks for checking in guys! Hope we're still wearing our priceless item...

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  1. I'm LOVING that dress sasha!! the color just works with your skin tone!!!