Hey guys! Well, we're into Fall and approaching Winter. Get used to it people, thats the way Canada rolls! But underneath the mittens, scarves and ear-muffs; there's absolute nothing wrong with a little bit of jewelery. Like I always say; us women tend to get caught up in this "Winter = Dark colours and business" thing. That doesn't have to be true. Don't get me wrong, I lovvvee me some dark fall colours, but its not mandatory! But if you must, why not throw in some colour under those ear-muffs! Below are some earrings from Shawna Vintage Jewelery. This is where I get most of my one of a kind jewelery. I love VINTAGE! And if you do too, Shawna is the woman for you! If you'd like info and contacts to get to her...email me at flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com! Accessorize ladies!

This photo above shows earrings from Forever21!

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