My cousin and I had the privilege of being invited to a masquerade party for a co-worker of mine! Now, we've been very busy and very conscious of our spending as we have a lot to prepare for in regards to our fashion line, Flaws of Couture. So without a doubt in our mind, we knew that we were going right into that good old trusty closet of ours, and finding something to wear! I don't know what it is about people nowadays and not wanting to be seen wearing the same thing twice. Foolishness like that is why people are experiencing recession! If you put in your mind that you are only wearing something once, either you just have nothing to do with yourself or you have no respect for your money. And remember, people who don't have respect for their money; won't get money!
Moving along. I chose to wear my beautiful and very popular red number from Faith 21. This time, I paired it with some black stockings to keep it a little more PG. haha. Also, a pair of ankle booties from Pay Less. My point is that when we were taught to "reduce reuse and recycle", it wasn't just for your fruit roll up rappers...it was for your CLOTHING TOO! 
check out my cousin @ www.atadbitmore.com !

Gold and Pearl Necklace: H&M/ Ring: Torrid/ Mask: Party Packagers.

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