Buffalo with the GIRLIES!

I don't care who you are, where you're from (this could definitely turn into a Backstreet Boys moment), you have to have the one or even two girl friends that you love being around. If you have more than two; KUDOS to you! And I know there are some of you who claim that you "hate girls" and you only chill with guys because "girls are drama". Nothing against you, but the truth of the matter is; there are genuine women out there that are GREAT friends. And GREAT friends make GREAT shopping buddies...more times than none. I have a good amount of good girlfriends, but this weekend was a weekend dedicated to just two of them. There's nothing wrong with teaming up and preparing a trip for you and your girls. We decided to go across the border for a night or two not only for bonding, BUT for SHOPPING! So, although I haven't taken many photos as yet, I did take some photos of me preparing to leave! Let me know what you think. I felt a bit edgy!

Acid Washed Vest: Faith21/ Lace trimmed Leggings: Giant Tiger/ Floral Waist Scarf: Thrift/ PHOTO SHOES(haha): Torrid

This outfit was great for the long drive. Well, two hours isn't really that long, but for those driving further...this is perfect. I had jeans on before this and I figured I'd change into something a little more free. So, leggings it was. And I know what most of you are thinking..."Free? This girl is travelling in four inch heels!". For those of you who just said that, HELL NO I wasn't travelling in heels. I threw them on for YOU so you could feel the full look of it. Have a little more faith in me. jeeeshhh.

My little sister! My little photographer. Dahlia Ruddock.

I've got a lot of questions from you all about this bun! I've got to give credit to Ms. Kristyn Halliday-Deans for teaching me how to do this. I will explain on a later post ladies! I've grown this new obsession with it! Plus, sometimes you just wanna wear your own hair. What do you think? I'm pretty sure my mother hates it. hahaha!



I never really show you guys close ups on my face. Thought I'd give you a little bit of who I am...close up. This is Sashagai Renee Ruddock. Faith 21 is where I got this little mini dress. Its perfect for girls with big breast. Straight up. Like I told you in my last post, I know what its like to have difficulty shopping because I'm a "H" cup. So when I say that this dress fits, trust me. I want to shout out Jorian who takes the wonderful photos. She's amazing. All the photos with good quality are hers. haha. Soon I'll be doing some new ones for you guys with her expertise behind it. You'll get a better look at the pieces, rather than having to deal with my retro Canon or blackberry! Can we say, "YAY" to that? I hope so.

So A LOT of you keep asking about my hair. IT'S A FASHION BLOG, PEOPLE! ha! I'm kidding. My hair is weaved in these photos. And I cant say "obviously" after that because some people really don't know. Its weaved with Body Weaving by Hair Topic. It's actually my favourite. I love big and long hair because it evens me out. I have a roundish heart shaped face and REALLY BIG cheeks. So big hair does it for me. Some say, the bigger the bigger the body. But I agree with Wendy Williams; "The bigger the hair, the smaller the body!" For those who don't know, you can go to any local Hair/Beauty Supply store and pick it up. I love jet black hair because it brings out my skin tone AND because that's always been my natural colour! I've been dared to go blonde though; what do you think?

Leather RocaWear Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory/ Acid Wash Jeans: Rainbow/ Ring: Torrid



Yes. So I felt a little wild today. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. I didn't feel like doing anything to my hair...so I didn't. HA! How do you like that? But what I did do was put on the UUUUUUBER cute dress that I got from (come on, you say it. you know where I got it....don't act like you don't know!) Faith 21! In a previous post I tried this specific piece on. And even though it kind of emphasized my "H" cup boobs, I still liked it. Yes honey, "H" cup. I know what its like to have difficulty buying clothes so ladies; you have NO EXCUSE. If you notice, I don't wear much. In the summer at least. Never feel that you have to. Especially full figured girls, I was the QUEEN of the "overcoat" or "light jacket". STOP THAT. Show your arms, they arent as bad as you think they are. Trust me. Remember...you've got to wear confidence too! So throw in your bag, spray it on, wear it on your head; whatever! Whatever it is; you better love it!

Dress:Faith21/ Shoes: Payless/ Hair: PRICELESS! ha!


Back from "The BUFF"...

Whenever I go to Buffalo, NY, I go with the intentions of getting great deals on everything that I want but WILL NOT get because of pricing down here. So this time when I went with my lovely parents, I was determined to find my dream hat and dress. I did find the dress, thank God. And I did find the hat, BUT a tad bit too small. I ended up buying the dress which I will show you but I didn't get the hat of my dreams because my head is way too large. If you didn't know, I have a rather humongous head and hats have to be an XL or XXL to fit. PLUS, I love big hair so I have to buy a hat that is going to fit over that weave! Below are just a few things that I tried on. Nothing much...this was just not my day. Clearly. BUT I'm sure you guys are gonna love the Ed Hardy shoes I tried on!

Can't you just imagine how HOT it would be if it was just a litttlllleee bit bigger?!
For those of you with the small heads...go ahead...click on the Forever21 link on the left side of the screen. 
(Rolling eyes)

Here I am MAKING that DAMN HAT FIT!! 
(nails are cute though, huh?...I know lol)

These bad boys were is DSW shoe store in the Galleria Mall. Ed Hardy...and GORGEOUS! I'm not the "flashy shoe" type but when I tell you these look good on...THEY LOOK GOOD ON!
(AND they were size 10! For those who don't know my shoe size.)

I know what you're thinking. Why isn't she wearing it? Wellll, I want to keep you in suspense. Simple; you gotta come back to see how it looks on. HINT: If it wasn't amazing when I tried it; I would have never bought it! This is my dream dress. I have been hunting it down for a while now and I have finally got my hands on it! Amen to that!
(Dream Dress: Where else but Faith21, baby!)


Full Figured Fashion Week 2010

I don't care what ANYONE has to say, but Monif C has absolutely changed the way every full figured girl feels about swim-wear. Please take the time to watch this video and see how SEXY any woman can be on the beach. I'm talking about TWO PIECE bathing suits! And they look amazing. The art, time and thought that had to go into the pieces is out of this world. KUDOS to Monif C for putting confidence back in the the full girl's summer!
(Also, as a side note, look at the models. They are dangerous, so sassy, so sexy. This was a true runway show!)

Monif C showcases at Full Figured Fashion Week 2010

Full Figured Fashion Week 2010

Though I would have LOVED to be there, I wasn't able to be at this years or any for that matter, Full Figured Fashion Week. I came across some great videos of some of the collections shown. This particular collection is by the very talented and gifted Susan Moses. This line spoke to me in so many different languages...I'm fashion bilingual now. haha. So many great pieces, I just hope I can get my hands on them very soon! Here I am sitting in Staybridge Suites Buffalo, NY at 2 o'clock in the morning fantasizing about more and MORE clothing. God Bless my soul!
                                  Susan Moses showcases at Full Figured Fashion Week 2010

Full Figured Fashion Week 2010


Jaea Magazine presents UNLEASHED Fashion/Music Show!

Casey MQ from music group "Unbuttoned".

So, Sunday night I had the privileged of attending the UNLEASHED fashion and music show held be Jaea Mag! A really good night and a lot of talented musicians and designers. Some on the list for the night consisted of, Beaucoup Fashion, The Meta Collection, CC, House of Dame and many more.

Kamilah Apong from music group "Unbuttoned" and friend Jamal.

Favourite artists of the night had to go to Unbuttoned as they just tore it up close to the end! You gotta keep a look out for them. If you're interested and you have facebook or twitter; please follow Caseymq or add Casey MQ on FB. By far, the BEST performance of the night. And I'm not being bias. I promise. They're sick. Overall I had a decent night. There were some designs that had bits of malfunctions...some models that couldn't fill out the pieces, but despite that, I did see the goal of all pieces. That was great. Beaucoup shuts it down every single time, thats a given. If you'd like to take a deeper look at their line, go to the blogspot at www.girlplayswithboys.com!

CC Fashion was just as good. Very clean and well thought out. I noticed that the pieces were really well tailored. I admired that most about this line. Awesome night over all.

Jamal and Jenelle Rose, Fashion Editor of Jaea Magazine.


Okay, so my last post was dedicated to showing you all some things that I was trying on at Faith21. One of the pieces was a white dress that I did say looked really "granny" lol. BUT, I did end up buying it because I saw potential in it. I told you that I would get photos of me in the dress when I wore it to my aunts 60th birthday party. So, here it is! Straight up, IN YO FACE! I think I looked great! What do you think?

As you can see, I'm grinning from ear to ear because I know that EVERYONE thought that dress was pretty much hideous! I love proving people wrong when it comes to these things! Good thing you didn't bet money on it, huh?! Thanks for checking up guys! Leave me some comments. Tell me what you think. :)

Dress: Faith21/ Waist Floral Scarf: Thrift/ Zipper Cream Heals: Torrid

Also, I did want to tell all of you that there is another Faith21 location and I am told that it is way bigger that Fairview's location. If anyone has been to the Fairview location, you would probably agree that its not much of a "section". So if you can take the half our to forty-five min drive to Burlington, Mapleview Mall is apparently the place! If you go soon, let me know how it goes! I've gotta thank Siobhan Nardi of Mississauga for this info! Thanks Siobhan!


Faith 21 Dress Hunting...

This is where it all began! Faith 21 by Forever 21 gave me a chance to feel cute and I haven't turned back since. This is one of my favourite places to shop and it never fails me. If you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) like I do, the only location is in Fairview Mall Scarborough. Trust me, its worth the drive. I know what its like as a bigger girl feeling like you're going to have to spend over a hundred dollars for two pieces! Cast your worries aside! Faith 21 is affordable honey! Click the Faith21 link on the left under "Shop it."...go see what they've got!

These are the cuffed jeans that everyone is dying over now. They are really cute, I cant even lie. I didn't buy them for myself because I already have two pairs, but I wanted to show the ladies who've been iffy about them that they are very wearable. They really do look nice on even if you do have thick thighs. Look at me, these were a size 18. They'd be killer with a nice pair of heels though. Don't be like me. If you know you're going shopping; throw a pair of heels in your bag! It puts EVERYTHING into perspective.

 I really liked this dress. It was really sexy and you can never and I mean NEVER go wrong with black and white. But for some odd reason, I really couldn't see myself wearing it anytime soon. And the thing with me is that, I may love clothes...but I have bills to pay. I'm all about narrowing it down...and this piece was narrowed OUT.

Go on ahead! Laugh as much as you'd like. I know; I said it too! "I look like a freaking GRANNY in this dress." (No offence to grannies) But would you believe that I still bought it? WHY? I bought it because I saw potential in it. I actually have a 60th Birthday function to go to and in my pretty little head...IT ALL MADE SENSE. And I'll prove it to you with the photos on a later post! You're gonna wish you hadn't said anything!

By FAR, my favourite. If you know me; you'll know that I absolutely love dresses. A couple years ago, you couldn't catch me anywhere near one. Had to do with me being "too fat", "too rolly" or my knees were the equivalents to two over sized pork chops. You name it --I said it. And the summers grew hotter...and all the other girls skirts got shorter and I said "To hell with that! Ima find me a dress!" (haha) Haven't turned back since and I don't ever want to. (PS. I bought this one!)



Here we can see a little bit of what it's like behind the scenes. Models, make-up artists, stylists...EVERYONE involved to make this show the great success that it was. I was truly inspired by the fierceness and dedication of everyone that took part in last nights event! Because of this...I am so determined to keep pushing for success with my love for fashion!

Milk&Canvas Model (left) and Designers of Milk&Canvas (right).
Check them out at: www.milkcanvas.com .


Designer's Closet 2010

A night to remember is what this was. Christine Minton and Justin Bignall organize and present Designer's Closet 2010 held at the Absolute Condos in Mississauga. EXPOSURE for many young and talented Torontonian designers. Everything from dresses to swimwear, accessories to jewelry...THIS FASHION SHOW HAD IT ALL. (click on the photos to get a better view)...

As you can see, Garcia and I bring our notebooks EVERYWHERE. The lives of fashion bloggers...I know. But we were inspired even before we got to the Designer's Closet event. For Garcia's outfit details, you'll have to check her out at: www.lovegirlycouture.blogspot.com . If you'd like to know the details on mine...YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Here we go: (click photo for enlarged version)

Skirt: Faith 21 (If you've been following me, you'll notice that this is the same skirt I wore on Canada Day! Great example on how you can dress UP and dress DOWN almost anything.) / Undershirt: Old Navy/ Jacket: Thrift/ Wedge heels: Payless/ Handbag: H&M/ Jewelry: H&M.

These ladies were models representing the "Material World" line. Very retro and eighties inspired, I found. Loved absolutely every piece. With an "outsider looking in" perspective, I would say that you'd have to be super confident to pull these outfits off. This line is definitely for the fearless and confident. Although just a few displayed here, one of my favorites is the white dress in the middle. Not just because the model wore it well, but the thought and detail are boldly evident. Its amazing that these pieces are coming from such young talent. BRAVO.


The Good Old Romper.

It was not until Torrid (the clothing store) was introduced to my life that I began to obsess over rompers. I absolutely LOVE them. Short ones, long ones, teal ones, tribal ones...you name it! Trust me...there's A LOT more where this came from. This particular one is a favourite of mine. I've noticed that my legs aren't so much of a big deal for me anymore, so today when I woke up; I decided I'd show them off! Note: I am only 5'7 so that's the only reason why I wear heels to elongate. You don't have to all the time. I LOVE me some flats! After all, I can barely even walk in them unless they're wedges. (And oh, the wedge heel...that will be another day! ha ha) Today I dared myself to go without the overcoat that hides the arms. And I exposed the legs that used to be covered up. You can too! Send me pics of yourself to my email and I'll put them up! DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING GIRL! sashagai.ruddock@hotmail.com Let me know what you think!

Romper: Rainbow/ Flats: Payless/ Zipper Cream Heels: Torrid/ Confidence: PRICELESS!


Mo'Nique on Name Calling

No photos today guys but I promise that I'll have some up in just a bit! So I was thinking back to about last week when my cousin and I went to do some shopping. After being stuck in traffic for two hours we were HUNGRY AS HELL! So we sat in the food court, got a bite to eat and chilled out. Right across from us were these two girls literally staring and laughing. Now I can handle only so much. I love when people stare, no doubt. I'm a firm believer that just because someones staring..it doesn't mean they aren't admiring. BUT these girls were definitely trippin! Now back in the day I would have made it known that I AM NOT THE ONE TO PLAY WITH...but things have changed. Once you have a certain confidence within yourself that's TRUE...no stare, comment or look can make you feel any way at all. I cant lie though...the short video that you're about to see is exactly what I wished I would've said to those LOVELY young ladies.


Mini for the Canadian sun!

So...one of the biggest mistakes people make about Canada is that its cold all the time and that we live in iglues. Not true at all. There are places in Canada where people do live in iglues but most people don't. Most of us live in these cube shaped structures that usually have a pyramid type of shape at the very top...sound familiar? Yeah; that's because its a house. (haha) Well, today is 33 degrees outside which means it's REALLY FREAKING HOT! So even though I was dying to stay inside with the air conditioning...I thought I'd show off one of my FAVOURITE skirts! Let me know what you think!

Jacket: Faith21/ Undershirt: Wal-Mart/ Skirt: Faith21/ Shoes: Payless/ Side handbag: H&M/ Glasses: Stitches Warehouse Outlet($2.00!)

Just some close ups on the materials and the denim jacket that everyone seems to love...

Lately I've been showing off my legs. My whole life I was afraid to do exactly that. Summer would come around and I'd still be wearing jeans because I didnt think my legs were nice enough to show. I've now realized that even if you dont have the BEST legs...a pair of heels can do wonders by elongating them and giving them shape. You have to wear confidence too. If I didnt believe I looked hot today...no one else would have either!


Garcia presents...

This is my cousin Garcia aka Marie. Check her out at: http://www.lovegirlycouture.blogspot.com/. Some of the photos that I will be putting up will be of her.

Both of us are working together to fulfil this movement. Very soon, I will be introducing you all to Flaws of Couture...our movement...taking this whole thing to THE NEXT LEVEL! stay tuned and spread the word!


Okay. So. Horrible blackberry camera; I know. But in this ensemble I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket from Faith21/ Black undershirt: the big "W" walmart/ Skirt from Faith21/Shoes: Internet exclusives from Torrid.

So it was Canada Day yesterday! Happy Birthday Canada. (for those who know...I am a proud Canadian girl!) And even though the night didn't turn out the way we planned...we were thinking about YOU all who are tuning in to our blogs! When I say "we" I'm talking about my cousin Garcia Lewin who is my partner in crime! Check her blog out at www.fallingff.blogspot.com . I'm the cuter one obviously but you'll still love her!...kidding..

This is actually my favourite skirt...and I'm not to fond of my legs BUT I've noticed that they don't have to be hidden. Dare yourself to go short! You'll be surprised. Also, another note: Pay attention to "Internet exclusives". (this means that they are not in the store ONLY on the Internet!) The shoes I'm wearing here were Internet exclusives and I'm SO happy I got them. They're my favourite pair of sandals. I'm stopped by people almost every time I wear them. They're show stoppers for sure!

All these stores are linked to the sides of the page. So with a simple click...you're in my closet. So, shop it!