Jaea Magazine presents UNLEASHED Fashion/Music Show!

Casey MQ from music group "Unbuttoned".

So, Sunday night I had the privileged of attending the UNLEASHED fashion and music show held be Jaea Mag! A really good night and a lot of talented musicians and designers. Some on the list for the night consisted of, Beaucoup Fashion, The Meta Collection, CC, House of Dame and many more.

Kamilah Apong from music group "Unbuttoned" and friend Jamal.

Favourite artists of the night had to go to Unbuttoned as they just tore it up close to the end! You gotta keep a look out for them. If you're interested and you have facebook or twitter; please follow Caseymq or add Casey MQ on FB. By far, the BEST performance of the night. And I'm not being bias. I promise. They're sick. Overall I had a decent night. There were some designs that had bits of malfunctions...some models that couldn't fill out the pieces, but despite that, I did see the goal of all pieces. That was great. Beaucoup shuts it down every single time, thats a given. If you'd like to take a deeper look at their line, go to the blogspot at www.girlplayswithboys.com!

CC Fashion was just as good. Very clean and well thought out. I noticed that the pieces were really well tailored. I admired that most about this line. Awesome night over all.

Jamal and Jenelle Rose, Fashion Editor of Jaea Magazine.

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