Okay. So. Horrible blackberry camera; I know. But in this ensemble I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket from Faith21/ Black undershirt: the big "W" walmart/ Skirt from Faith21/Shoes: Internet exclusives from Torrid.

So it was Canada Day yesterday! Happy Birthday Canada. (for those who know...I am a proud Canadian girl!) And even though the night didn't turn out the way we planned...we were thinking about YOU all who are tuning in to our blogs! When I say "we" I'm talking about my cousin Garcia Lewin who is my partner in crime! Check her blog out at www.fallingff.blogspot.com . I'm the cuter one obviously but you'll still love her!...kidding..

This is actually my favourite skirt...and I'm not to fond of my legs BUT I've noticed that they don't have to be hidden. Dare yourself to go short! You'll be surprised. Also, another note: Pay attention to "Internet exclusives". (this means that they are not in the store ONLY on the Internet!) The shoes I'm wearing here were Internet exclusives and I'm SO happy I got them. They're my favourite pair of sandals. I'm stopped by people almost every time I wear them. They're show stoppers for sure!

All these stores are linked to the sides of the page. So with a simple click...you're in my closet. So, shop it!

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  1. Totally love the outfit Sasha!!! You look totally fabulous. I'm definitely going to have to check out those skirts. Need to buy one of my own. LOL!