Stops and Starts here.

The best friend; the one you can count on, one of the guys, the strong one, the mommy figure, most likely to become the next Oprah, the funny one, big Mama, THE SISTER. And the list GOES ON. Every description for who you are in the book, except for anything having to do with your appearance, good looks or lack there of. You see, the only difference between you and the prom queen is that you have a heart; and she's beautiful. At least for now. I don't know about how every girl feels but now at the age of 20...I am so over the "Fat girl trip". This is not another "Fat girl empowers herself!" blog. This is my movement. Deliciously-FAT is where embracing every FLAW is critical. Society says my flaw is my weight. What's yours? Follow me on this roller-coaster ride while I show the World that you and I are just as "pretty", if not, prettier.

Sashagai Renee Ruddock is what they named me. Pronounced SASHA-GAY. Yes, you were right the first time. No worries, I've heard every massacred version out there. Most know me as Sasha. That's fine too...just as long as you don't over do the "Sasha Fierce" referencing. People have always been drawn to me. Some say its my personality, which is always good. But I find lately, Ive been getting a lot of physical/appearance attention. Both men and women are drawn to either my wardrobe, hair, face or all of the above. Amazing feeling may I add, but weird as well. Growing up insecure can have a toll on you if you don't nip it in the bud early. It took me 20 years to get to this point and excuse my choice of words but HELL NO, I ain't turning back. So here I am as confident as I've ever been and I'm willing to answer all the questions I get daily; release all the secrets people insist I'm hiding; make my closet visually available to the public and give everything I know and love about fashion, couture, make-up and hair through the eyes of a size 16 girl. After this ladies...you'll have no excuses.

Speaking of flaws, every one has them. Not one person is absolutely perfect. So don't feel bad if you think you are not. I am definitely not, society doesn't see me as perfect even some acquaintances of mine have many things to say about my physical appearance. They say I'm fat, which I am. They say I act like a princess, which I give them an applaud for because they're right on the money with that one. Some people think I'm a bit too "riskayyy". My mother being one, would rather me wear a skirt three inches above my ankles than 3 inches above my knees. But what makes it not okay for me and okay for someone else? Its all a matter of wearing it tastefully. And that's what I do best. Having extra curve is not an issue...at least not for me.

Fortunately, and I do say FORTUNATELY; I do believe that I am beautiful. And there are so many young women just like myself who need to explore and share their own beauty. By the end of this...(if it ever comes to an end) I want every girl...whether your thick, short, tall, skinny, dark, pale, or freckly(huh?) to know that:

1. You CAN wear the mini skirt with your thin friends.
2. You CAN be the center of attention in a room full of beauties.
3. And you WILL be just as much of a threat to that girls boyfriend as all the other skinny girls in the room! (how dare she think that you weren't!)