Mo'Nique on Name Calling

No photos today guys but I promise that I'll have some up in just a bit! So I was thinking back to about last week when my cousin and I went to do some shopping. After being stuck in traffic for two hours we were HUNGRY AS HELL! So we sat in the food court, got a bite to eat and chilled out. Right across from us were these two girls literally staring and laughing. Now I can handle only so much. I love when people stare, no doubt. I'm a firm believer that just because someones staring..it doesn't mean they aren't admiring. BUT these girls were definitely trippin! Now back in the day I would have made it known that I AM NOT THE ONE TO PLAY WITH...but things have changed. Once you have a certain confidence within yourself that's TRUE...no stare, comment or look can make you feel any way at all. I cant lie though...the short video that you're about to see is exactly what I wished I would've said to those LOVELY young ladies.

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