Flaws of Couture. Officially a Registered Business!

I thought I'd show you why I've been slacking a bit with the posts. Here are some photos of the girls behind the scenes at our Flaws of Couture photo shoot with Jalani Morgan.  A thank you goes out to everyone involved. Special thanks to Jorian for taking these behind the scenes photos. Despite the set backs, screw-overs and delays, we had an AMAZING outcome. 
Excuse my frumpiness in these photos. Clearly, it wasn't about me.
And, YES! By law, we are the owners of Flaws of Couture officially!

On the RIGHT is my beautiful partner of FOC; Garcia Lewin. With Model, Chantelle.

Flaws of Couture's website is on its way up! Lots of work is being put into making the best Blog site, you've ever come across! Our aim is to make it "home" for you. We'll keep you posted!
Thanks for the support!

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  1. AWWWW congrats!!! <3 it!!! watch kyra!! haha gwan nuh!!