A HUGE Thank You.

I don't know what I would do without my Deliciously Fat supporters. Although I haven't been blogging on DF for a while, all of you continue to show the support in large volumes. My ultimate goal was to motivate the plus size girl to get confident and know that she's beautiful, but in that effort I began to do so much more. It was no longer just for the plus size girl! It was for every girl, woman and GUY! I can post as much as I want, but if no one is looking and finding interest, I don't get the results I planned for. You guys have been OUTSTANDINGLY supportive. I love you all. Continue to check in on DF, but also forward your interest to FLAWS OF COUTURE'S official page! www.flawscouture.blogspot.com This is where Garcia from www.atadbitmore.blogspot.com and I get to combine our opinions and fashion sense with yours! Everything from fashion, sex, relationships, and religion! You name it, we'll be touching it. So go! If you love DF, you'll love F.O.C.'s official page!

Sasha and a good friend of mine! www.flawscouture.blogspot.com !!

Garcia and I with MTV's Tika Simone!

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