Braids. Not JUST for the little ones!

I decided that I needed a bit of a change. I love my hair. Anyone who knows me, knows that my hair is a huge deal for me. And I firmly believe that a black womans hair is like a key to her heart. Like it or not, our hair can have so much to do with our mood and emotions. Lately, I hit a really rough spot in my life which I'm still dealing with. So, I decided that maybe changing how I saw myself would help me get through it. I was always interested in these really long rope-twist braids. I just never thought it would look good on me. Well, to my surprise...they did! And I'm glad. It was a change well needed. A lot of girls think that braids are only for your elementary and teen days, but....I beg to differ. If you have what it takes, you'll rock it well. And then every girl is gonna be tryna rock them "well" too.